Now You Can Easily Take Direct  Bookings  
 With the Social Media 101 for Holiday Home Owners
From: Elaine Watt
Date: Now
Location: Worcestershire, UK
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The Perfect Solution If You Want To Take More Direct Bookings
  •  Direct Bookings: Create a bookable website so you're able to take direct bookings which means avoid paying high commissions to the listing sites
  •  More Control: Create your home hub so you're able to have control over your Holiday Let Business which means making time spent on your own marketing worthwhile
  • Beautiful design: so you're able to put up the best first impression every time which means you will get more bookings than the competition
  • Build an email list: Keep past guests & email subscribers attention which means you'll be able to help a LOT more people book your holiday home
  •  Marketing: Discover how to use social media to market your holiday home which enables you to find the guests you want and that means traffic on autopilot
Market & Take Direct Bookings like Pro Holiday Home Owners
Your website is your most valuable asset in Your Holiday Let Business. A Website is absolutely in today’s ever changing Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry. It’s more important now than ever to build your own base, your Home Hub. With listing sites changing their rules, algorithms & adding big guest booking fees - these changes affect you and your ability to run your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental business profitably. You can offer your guests more by taking direct bookings! 
BUT people need to know you exist outside of the listing sites & this is where your own website comes in!   
  Increase Bookings
   Reduce Costs
    Save Time
enroll Now!
Elaine Watt
P.S. Every minute you wait to get "HLS Website Builder Course" is another minute becoming more and more reliant on the listing sites instead of using this breakthrough (program / service) to quickly and easily Save the commission and more!
P.P.S. But don't just take my word for it...take a look at this testimonial "
"I have now completed the course and created my website. This is a fantastic testament to the quality and content of Elaine's course. I feel that anyone should be able to build a basic holiday letting website, that looks great, for minimal cost, with the all necessary features and functions. Well done Elaine Watt" Chris Ryder, UK based, Proactive Holiday Home Owner
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